Monday, November 8, 2010

My Lemon-Garlic Roasted Chicken

Okay, so it probably isn't mine, although I have done something like this for years.

It's pretty basic and easy, but our sister Jacinda loves it.

Garlic-Lemon roasted Chicken

Cut up Chicken, whatever parts you prefer
Olive oil
Juice of at least three lemons, I use up to 6 or 7
Several cloves of Garlic, a few peeled and finely pressed or minced, and the other stays in the skins.
Minced fresh Rosemary

Drizzle your baking dish with olive oil. and Place chicken in the dish. You are going to marinate and back. Do this at least a hour ahead, but it is best if you can chill in the fridge for several ours before roasting. Salt and pepper to taste. slowly pour the Lemon juice over the chicken. If you take time to grate some of the peel over the chicken it adds more lovely flavor. spread the minced garlic evenly. Drop the garlic cloves ( at LEAST 20 of them but more is better!)beside the pieces of chicken. Cover with plastic or foil and refrigerate.

Preheat oven to 350 and roast the chicken for 1 hour.


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